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Ads to Landing Pages: Increasing Conversion Rates

In most cases, you need more than an optimized landing page to cause a visitor to make a purchase. If you want to create an effective and efficient funnel, you need to work both ad and landing page sides of the spectrum. For the ad side, there is Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and email campaigns. The landing page side is a site or interstitial. What this means is that both sources need to be optimized and connected.


Going from an ad source to a landing page should have similar notions called message matching. This might give you a good idea: you pass a billboard that gives a snapshot image for an exciting movie. Following the billboard you see the movie's trailer, which gives you selected clips from the movie that creates an intriguing storyline. Let's fast-forward to when you see the movie and it was nothing that you anticipated and a completely different storyline than what you expected. This is a perfect example of when there was not a clear and direct messaging and image matching.

It’s extremely important to have a close focus on the keywords you chose in order to create a complete landing page to increase conversion, . You want to use keywords that are specific to your company’s business, then use these terms to connect with the image that is being presented in that ad. The imagery, headline, and messaging in the ad needs to all correlate together so the consumer easily identifies what the product or service is.

After you click the ad, the section before the first scroll on your browser needs to carry similar keywords and imagery. For example, my headline will read, “The perfect accessory for that summer night out” with supplementary copy that reads, “Shop our new Nights Collection. The perfect handmade accessories for any summer adventure,” then the first line of the landing page should contain an expansion of the Nights Collection with a headline including that phrase and few select keywords on what is included in the collection.


The imagery you use also needs to correlate to the headline (ie: a beach image with someone wearing the collection or simple product images of highlighted pieces. The rest of the landing page needs to focus on the messaging and keywords in a strategic strategy. What is great about using a landing page over a web page is that you have the ability to create numerous landing pages using different headlines and plugging in different keywords that match your ad group. Every ad campaign you create can focus on a different message or image, allowing you to test campaign formats.


Your visitors clicked on the ad for a reason. You can't afford to send your visitors to a page with a completely different message than they expected. They will immediately bounce if they feel they were mislead. If you chose to run your campaign that way, then understand you are wasting away time and money.

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