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And then there was TELIA!

So, this post is kind of a big deal. The fact I'm writing this means that my own brand, TELIA Branding + Marketing Agency, is FINALLY complete. Whether you've known me since I was a toddler or you just met me today, you will immediately notice my passion for creatively thinking outside the box. Yes, I am that person who gets excited over the smallest things, but that's only because I know that big accomplishments and successes all started from a passion with one small idea. However, its what we do with that idea that makes it successful. We can take that idea and have little faith and simply letting it go due to fear or even laziness. We can take that idea and get discouraged when we ask for opinions from our peers and receive negative feedback. Or we can take that idea and let it manifest and flourish into your wildest dreams. In this case, my idea was to work in the marketing world because I saw it as a fun, sexy and exciting industry in which I connected great with. There's something about it that gives me a crazy high...its constantly surprising me, pushing me to grow, and forever changing. From then to now, I am so happy I kept growing this passion's idea into a full-blown reality.

One thing you can expect from myself and my team is PERFECTION. Don't get me wrong, perfect doesn't always happen right away, but that's what trial and error is for. There's limitless versions of perfect, but what we do is create YOUR perfect. We are going to give your brand a true identity, one that stands out among your competition and turns strangers into full-blown promoters. We are going to attack your marketing goals with new tactics that are unique and powerful. We are not going to accomplish this by plugging in your information into a template and telling you to expect great things. NO! We are literally going to become your business partner. Everything we do will be for the better of your business. Every clients needs are different, so with every client comes new brainstorming and creative ways to help you achieve your goals. Although you share the same industry with your competitors, you are still different! It's my job to show the market HOW.

I am beyond thrilled to officially open the doors to TELIA, a passion and idea that has organically grown into a great business helping others.


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