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Leveraging Organic Instagram Posts to Breathe Life into Instagram Ads

Many of the businesses that I work with have the goal of increasing the flow of purchases they receive by running Instagram ads. Even for companies that don’t have this goal, the vast majority of them would be happy to receive an increase in purchases from Instagram, but they have already given up on that effort because they did not see returns comparable to those from their Facebook campaigns.

Most businesses have decently developed Facebook pages. The same cannot be said for their Instagram presence. If you want your Instagram ads to yield results more similar to your Facebook ads, you should nurture the organic accounts in a similar way.

All campaign factors held constant, a business with a well-curated Instagram account that draws organic engagement from followers will drive more purchases than another business that just has an Instagram account because they’re “supposed” to.

Fun Facts & Advice:

  • The more you post, the more organic your Instagram ads will seem. The more organic an ad appears, the better the chances of a user engaging with it in a favorable way.

  • The more tuned-in you are to the types of posts draw the most engagement from your followers, the easier it is to make educated assumptions when putting together copy and creative for ads. While the posts that keep your followers excited might not apply to new audiences, it’s a great place to start.

  • If your business does not have a voice, cultivate one and use it when posting. If your business already has a voice, work within the parameters of that voice to engage your followers. If you are against using a more engaging voice, I would like to let you know that resistance is futile. A flat voice will result in it flat sales.

  • Prioritize follower engagement over your number of followers.

  • Bonus: Depending on the level of engagement of your followers, you can also use a high-quality Instagram account to drive meaningful traffic to the link in bio, which will allow you to test more frequently and cost-effectively, which saves more money for retargeting.

If all of this sounds good and you have no questions, then I’ve done my job. Obviously, the advice above is general, so if you want advice on your specific accounts or campaigns, feel free to reach out to us.

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