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Keywords to Your Content Strategy and Google AdWords Campaigns

As a content marketer, you know that keywords are extremely important to your content strategy, especially when it comes to using content to boost your website’s search engine optimization. And if you’re a media buyer, then you know that keywords are important to the success of your Google AdWords campaigns.

While on the surface, content marketing and media buying seem like two separate parts of your overall marketing mix, the two are actually mutually beneficial thanks to their shared common core—keywords.

While the keywords used in content may differ from the keywords used in Google AdWords, there’s probably some overlap, or potential for overlap, where you can use shared keywords to benefit both.

Here are a few benefits of running both a content strategy and a Google AdWords strategy based on targeted keywords:


Typically, people you attract through a Google AdWords campaign have a higher level of intent because they’re searching for a specific product or service and being driven to a landing page with that exact product or service.

On the flip side, content marketing is closer to the top of the marketing funnel and captures people who want to learn more but might not be ready to buy. When your content strategy and Google AdWords campaign work in tandem based on shared targeted keywords, though, you’re casting a wider net and capturing more people at different levels of intent.


There’s a limited number of spots available on the first page of search results, so any time you can rank for one is a major benefit to your brand. However, taking up two of those spots is even better, and it is possible!

When you pair up your content and Google AdWords strategies and create content and campaigns optimized around the same keywords, you have the potential to take up two spots through a paid search result AND an organic search result. Ranking content is more of a long-term commitment than paid media buying; however, keeping these two strategies in mind will help you move in that direction.


Both content marketing and Google AdWords campaigns allow for a high level of A/B testing giving you more data into your potential customers, what they’re searching for, how they’re searching and finding you, and what they’re interested in.

Testing out keywords on Google AdWords first will let you know what content might resonate with different and unique audience that aren’t currently reading your content. Additionally, A/B testing headlines, keywords, descriptions, etc. will help you uncover new trends in the data that you can capitalize on with your content and AdWords campaigns.

Running both a content strategy and a Google AdWords campaign helps you capitalize on the keywords people are using to find your site, product or service and turn them into a mutually beneficial marketing effort!

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