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Why A Strong Brand Is The Most Valuable Part Of Your Business

Branding is a big deal, crucial for big and small companies, and definitely is not just about a cool and memorable logo. With a great brand backing your services/products, you will increase the value of all elements of your company, motivate your employees and staff, and most importantly - gain the trust of your customers.

Your brand is the most valuable part of your business.

1. Branding Gives You Recognition

Your brands biggest element is it's logo. Just think McDonald's golden arches or Nike's infamous check. Your logo is the “face” of you company, so you want to make sure the design is a perfect representation of the brand, because it will be printed on every piece of marketing and advertising effort you send out. You want simple yet powerful.

2. A Solid Brand Builds Trust

You brand has to be trustworthy. In todays world, consumers do their research before making an order. If you are presenting a brand that seems thrown together, it won't matter how great your product/service is. Your brand MUST be polished and legitimate.

3. You Can't Successfully Advertise Without a Brand

It's not just as simple as boosting a post on your company's Facebook Page. You have to know who your brand is talking to, how you want your brand to talk, and the look you want it to have. This all plays into your brand having an actual identity.

4. More Value

Much of the value of your company is going to be due to your branding. The stronger the brand, the stronger the financial value. You don't want to value your company based off your book of business, it will value off how recognizable and established your brand actually is.

5. Branding Provides Loyal Employees

In a perfect world, there would be no turnover. The best way to reduce those rates and get loyal employees, is to share your company's goals and work towards achieving them together. When you explain your company's mission to your staff and letting them know how important their role is to achieving that goal, they are more likely to be just as invested to the goals as you are. They will take pride in their work. You want them to be proud of the company logo, which will act as your brands flag they can confidently waive around.

6. Branding Brings New Customers

The best kind of marketing is word of mouth. You want your customers to be able to able to tell their friends about you, and not forget the name of your company. What if they forgot because your branding was not memorable? The most profitable source of advertising is word of mouth referrals.

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