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4 Signs You Need an Influencer Alongside Your Paid Facebook Ads

Businesses often think that paid Facebook ads is enough to get their e-commerce store off the ground. However, there are so many additional factors that can affect the performance of your ads. Before you disappoint yourself with ad results that don’t match your expectations, here are four signs that you might need influencer marketing in addition to your paid Facebook ads.

Your behavioral metrics look great on analytics, but your revenue does not match

Often at times, your bounce rate, pages per session, and average session duration look great, and even your Facebook click-through looks great. However, your e-commerce conversion rate is low. This usually means that the users have interest, and might have even had some purchase intent when they first arrive on the site; however, they succumb to the good old, “I could probably get the same thing on Forever 21,” or “Let me check Urban Outfitters first.” Essentially, they trust these other brands more than yours, and would rather play it safe than try out a new company. Influencer marketing could help provide the needed social proof that shows your brand is “okay” to risk their money on.

Your fan page likes and/or Instagram or Twitter followers are low

We’ve all done this. We discover a cool brand on a Facebook ad, but then when we decide to visit the fan page, we discover the company only has a couple of hundred Facebook Page Likes. If they’re lucky, we’ll press the Like button before we leave the page; but in most cases, we’ll simply close the box feeling like this brand is too new to trust spending our money on. Influencers can help give the brand a boost in followers/likers, again providing more social proof to those seeing your paid Facebook ads.

You get comments on ads like, “Is this a scam website?” or “Get it from (blank) instead.”

Again, these comments reflect a trust issue. One of the reasons that influencer marketing works so well is that often the reason people buy a product from an influencer is because they trust that influencer. Being able to see recognizable faces using that product, or see quotes and endorsements from influencers, helps to alleviate this concern. Content created by influencers should be utilized wherever possible.

You are a recently launched brand.

This answer might seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many companies launch and expect all these sales to come flowing through despite virtually zero social proof, and no evidence that they are a legitimate brand. Influencer marketing will help to bridge the gap between a lead who bounces within a few seconds of landing on your website and a lead who turns into a conversion. Again, utilize your social proof from influencers anywhere you can (in your ads and a press page on the website).

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